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What does sustainable development stand for?

Sustainable development means understanding the fact that we are living within the borders of the one single Planet at our disposal, and we should therefore avoid damaging or destroying nature surrounding us and exceeding the capacity to dispose of waste deriving from our economic activities. The challenge is therefore to meet the needs of all of us, without negatively affecting the future of those who come after us. How can we reduce wastage and minimise waste in a planet which is soon going to be inhabited by ten billions human beings? This is what any prominent personality has been repeating through the mass media. How can we therefore be able to succeed? Among the suggested proposals one can mention the replacement of plastics with items in biodegradable materials, which seems to be a reasonable solution but which has a limit: numbers.

Numbers are merciless and even using virtuous materials, renewable energies or even the “Greenest” resources at our disposal, numbers are against us. How many hectares of bamboo fields shall we have to cultivate to produce all the “BIODEGRADABLE” cutlery we need? How much lithium shall we have to quarry from underground in order to have our “Full Electric Cars”? The same can be said for everything else.

It would rather seem a Mission Impossible case study, more than a case for normal human beings.

A few days ago I received a telephone call from a customer asking for spare parts, his voice was kind but I noticed a special inflection, as if he was apologising for his request: “We are in need of new cylinders, after all we have been working with this machine, which is still functioning at best, since 1989, but now it’s time to replace the cylinders”.

Listening to my customer I thought: sustainable is what is durable! Famor was therefore already in the future more than 30 years ago! Every long-lasting item retaining its full functions is also sustainable and therefore “Green”. Famor has always been a sustainable company without having been requested of it, because thinking for the best is good for everybody and time acknowledges merits for such good practices. Perhaps all this is not enough to achieve the much-awaited sustainability, nevertheless I have pleasure in thinking that Famor has actively contributed to the preservation of the balance between man and nature.